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Starting 2017, we set new goals, take stock of the previous year and, derived from the importance of the Internet in our lives, we ask ourselves unthinkable questions a few years ago, as unusual as, What was the most searched on Internet in 2016.

¿Qué ha sido lo más buscado en Internet en 2016?_Centro_Plaza

Today it is more than common for any company or entity that wants to be visible on the Internet, more specifically visible in Google, as it is the most important search engine worldwide (In Spain, for example, 97% of searches Performed are made through it). Hence, all of them spend time and resources in identifying what is most sought on the Internet, by users, in order to identify search trends and, thus, define their online marketing strategies.

Of course, Google knows this imperative need and offers tools like Google Trends so that we can answer the question that worries us today. What was the most searched on Internet in 2016? And many others, since if you want to know if a particular term or concept is a search trend and where, you can use this tool or even if you want to make a comparison between several terms or concepts, to identify which is the one with the most tendency of search.

Google goes further and makes it easier, making public the list of the most searched on the Internet in 2016, through its search engine.

Analyzing the results we can determine:

  • At the global level, the game “Pokémon Go” has taken the gold, leaving the silver and bronze for the concepts “iPhone 7” and “Donald Trump” respectively.
  • If we focus on Spain the podium would be composed of the concepts “Juegos Olímpicos de Río”, “Eurocopa 2016” and “Pokémon Go”, to continue with “iPhone 7” and “American elections”. “What is Brexit?” Was the most asked question by the Spaniards and the motorcycle rider Luis Salom was the most popular athlete in the search engine after his death during a training in June. As a curiosity, in the section on the category “how to be”, Spaniards have raised questions like “how to be more charismatic?” And “how to be a confident and trustworthy person?”.

From this data we can interpret, at least for the case of Spain, that sport, new technologies and the political aspect are topics of interest and concern, hence, not to ignore this information if you want to succeed on the Internet.