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If there’s something that makes Centro Plaza Shopping Centre stand out from the rest it’s diversity and multiculturalism; here more than 21 retail sectors come together, from both national and international firms. This is why we are committed to a cooperative global market. And also the reason for our undertaking to align our actions and values to providing sustainable and top level services.

At Centro Plaza, while assuming commitments at all levels. Since 2017 and currently as a partner, we have been adhering to the United Nations Global Compact and in this way, along with the rest of the signatory companies, encouraging the implementation of the 10 Principles of the Global Compact at the same time as promoting the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, take an active part in the Forum of Socially Responsible Companies of Malaga, for working on the cause on a province-wide scope.

Certification in Social Footprint

We are pleased to announce that Centro Plaza has obtained Social Footprint certification. This distinction reflects our firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrating our positive impact on the environment where we operate.

Additionally, we are proud to present our first non-financial report, or sustainability report, which documents our actions and contributions towards the sustainability and well-being of our community.

At Centro Plaza, we believe in the importance of doing business responsibly and sustainably, and we will continue working to generate a positive impact on our environment.

Mission, Vision and Values


To create the best environment for meeting the expectations of the people visiting us, so that they will spend money on the different services and products offered by the firms located in the Centre, thus making our owners and tenants feel proud to form part of Centro Plaza.


To be a benchmark centre for leisure and business in the Marbella area and particularly in Nueva Andalucía.


  •  Transparency, through honest, upright and transparent behaviour in all Centre activities.
  • Commitment, showing effort and professionalism in each of the activities and tasks assumed.
  • Cooperation, promoting an effective business collaboration in line with a common objective.
  • Respect and ethics, safeguarding the genuine interests of those placing their trust in Centro Plaza.
  • The trust of visitors, suppliers, tenants and owners, solving problems immediately.
  • Sustainability, assuming commitments involving social responsibility and sustainable development, thus supporting the local and international area of influence of the Centre.