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In 1990 Centro Plaza opened its doors as the first commercial centre in Marbella. At that time it was one of the first places to bring together different premises for leisure and business all under one roof and one name in Marbella.

This project was conceived by Centro Comercial Nueva Andalucia S.A. ( directed by Alfonso Perez Rodriguez and Alberto Videilla Tudores) who saw the need to place the new commercial centre in the emerging new residential area of Nueva Andalucia.

Today we have the pleasure of being with Alfonso Fernandez, one of the promoters and the first Administrator of the Centre do that he can give us his opinion about the last 25 years:

Why was a Commercial Centre built in Nueva Andalucia 25 years ago?

It was not an abstract or casual idea but grew out of experience and seeing a real need for commerce and business in Nueva Andalucia in the beginning. From there, during the promotion of Centro Plaza it was decided to dedicate some of the upper floors in both buildings for offices and the rest for commercial premises and services.

To what does Centro Plaza owe its success?

Without doubt to the sum of many talents and much effort over the last 25 years and thanks also to the users and residents of Marbella as well as the foreign visitors who choose the products and services of Centro Plaza.

After 25 years what stands out most about Centro Plaza?

It really works well, we have at present 95% occupation with 20 different sectors integrated including a well known supermarket, banking services and estate agents,international restaurants, fashion and compliments, gym…and other types of businesses that you can visit at our installations..and also check out our web page.

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to all the owners and tenants who chose to open their businesses, investments and offices in Centro Plaza and of course I am also very grateful to all our multicultural clients who choose to visit us on a daily basis.