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vuelta al trabajo

From Centro Plaza we would like to help you with your return to work with some advice.

Once the holidays are over we tend to carry on dreaming of the beach and, amongst other things, the sunbed. The difficulty comes in “changing the chip” and going back and assuming our responsibilities.

To do that we suggest the following:

  • In order to get the most from our holidays, we tend to wait until the last minute, arriving home only a few hours before the alarm clock is due to go off. Don`t do this! Go home a least one day before going back to work, relax and think about the positive aspects of getting back into the old routine. You will have time to adjust to being at home, do your shopping, put on the washing machine etc.
  • When the day finally arrives, look for support from your colleagues. Get together with them during the coffee or lunch break. As regards the work, delegate the load so it does`nt seem so overwhelming.
  • As soon as you get back, make a list of priorities and attend to the first one straight away. Don`t take on everything at once.
  • Value your job, you need to understand that its an important part of your personal and professional development.
  • A good sense of humour is always an infallible tool for these times, it makes us more positive and gives us a better attitude.
  • From the first day back, enjoy the “moments of leisure“. Use your free moments and weekend to disconnect and enjoy life.

In relation to the last point, remember, if you are in Marbella any time is a good time to walk, do sport, go shopping etc. Not only when you are on holiday. There will probably be a bank holiday in the following months when you can plan an escape to visit us again.