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Why invest in Marbella?

By 25 de September de 2015January 18th, 2024No Comments

Lately we are hearing that the investors are returning to Marbella and that sales in this area are seeing a modest but constant increase.

According to statistics supplied by TINSA (leading spanish company on evaluation analysis and consulting for real estate) in the present year 2015 real estate transactions in Marbella are up by 28,7% over last year and new constructions are up 101%. According to TINSA this is the reason for the increase in new developments of high quality and front line beach properties for sale to foreigners.

This tendency can be justified by the conclusions offered by Eurostat:

– british investors are looking for investments throughout the eurozone in part because of the upward trend of their currency which has increased their cash flow.

– the north american investors are becoming increasingly interested in european real estate.

In this respect and keeping our attention on Spain, Marbella would seem to have the advantage over the rest of the country with regard to attracting investors because its investments appear to be more solid and less risky than other areas.

On the other hand, there are other factors that contribute to the consolidation of the real estate and investment market in Marbella of which the following stand out:

– the wide range of services and leisure activities coupled with the extensive experience and specialisation in non resident visitors.

– the constant growth of tourism in the area

– its outstanding infrastructure as regards travelling: network of motorways, airport etc

– the climate, lets not forget that the Costa del Sol has the best climate in Europe with 325 days of sun annually!

Therefore the time to invest in Marbella is NOW. Come to Centro Plaza and explore the possibilities with the best professionals in sales and investments.