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vuelta ciclista españa

From Centro Plaza we have the pleasure of announcing that in this special year for the Cycling Tour of Spain, it will start on 22nd August 2015 from our town, specifically in Puerto Banus (Marbella).

This great sporting event has been running for more or less 80 years and is one of the most anticipated, so we are really pleased that Puerto Banus has been chosen as the start of the first stage. From Centro Plaza we encourage you all to be here for that date and to come and enjoy it with us, as it will be a memorable occasion.

The Cycling Tour of Spain started in Madrid in 1935, with only 50 participants who pedalled on heavy iron bicycles which they had to fix and maintain themselves during the tour if anything went wrong. They rode in 14 stages and a total of 3.425 kilometers. The first winner was a belgian called Gustaaf Deloor. The Tour was interrupted during the Spanish Civil War and was not started up again until 1941 with mainly spanish participants at that time as the Second World War lessened the foreign participation.

Today the iron bicycles have been replaced by other materials which are much lighter and there have been a great many changes and advances in both technology and communication .

This 70th edition of the Cycling Tour of Spain, as we said earlier, will start on 22nd August 2015 in Puerto Banus (Malaga) and finish on 13th September in Madrid, with a total of 21 stages and a total of 3.374 kilometers.

Last 22nd April this year´s mascot was unveiled in Malaga, a fighting bull called Tei-Tei who wears a red t-shirt.

Mascota Vuelta Ciclista Tei Tei