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feria de marbella

Marbella Fair is one of the most anticipated moments of the year throughout Marbella. It is the Most Important Week of the town where tribute is paid to the towns Patron Saint – St. Barnabus.

Marbella dresses up for its Fair and Fiestas, it fills with color and excitement so that the townspeople and visitors can enjoy the celebrations and respect the St. Barnabus Fair.

The St. Barnabus holiday pays homage each year to the Patron Saint of Marbella on 11th June. Life in general fills with amusements, the coexistence between neighbours and the great environment takes over the town during these days

St. Barbabus day is on the same day as the Carmen, one of the most important moments of the year for Marbella and all those who live there.

This day commemorates the reconquest of Marbella by the Catholic Monarchy in the year 1485.

During this Fair week the inhabitants of Marbella, along with the tourists and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the color and tradition of the true andalusian “fiestas”.

In the course of these days in Marbella there will be various activities and performances taking place.

A couple of weeks before the start of the Fair, the traditional competition takes place to chose the Queen and Ladies in Waiting for the St. Barnabus Fair.

The traditional Romeria (or pilgrimage) of St. Barnabus opens the Fair Week . It starts out from the Casa de la Hermandad de Romeros and ends up at the Shrine of the Patron Saint in Pinar de Nagueles followed by a typical breakfast of churros and hot chocolate. There is also a special place for children in this celebration and throughout the week there are many attractions and special activities for the younger ones.

The St. Barnabus Fair for 2015 will have 29 stalls, of which 25 will be up for tender.