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We want to go paperless!

At Centro Comercial Centro Plaza, we care about the environment and are committed to actions that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, we have implemented various initiatives that contribute to environmental protection and promote sustainable practices in our daily operations.

One of our goals is to minimise paper use in our operations. We have adopted digital tools such as Logalty, an electronic signature platform, and Smartsheet, a project and task management tool, to achieve this. Additionally, through Google Workspace, we have a centralised document repository, which facilitates electronic, collaborative, and secure access and management of information.

Regarding our communications, thanks to our website, social media, and MailChimp, we can develop our internal and external communications bi-directionally with our stakeholders electronically.

Water, just enough and necessary!

At Centro Comercial Centro Plaza, we have implemented a new TORO irrigation system. The main objective of this action was to improve irrigation efficiency and reduce water consumption by over 30% in the planters and green areas of the center. This measure contributes to preserving this valuable resource and promoting responsible water management.

Furthermore, we take pride in sharing that all our faucets and cisterns are equipped with regulated timers, which automatically close after a few seconds of use. This feature ensures that water is well-spent and encourages greater awareness about utilising this precious resource. At Centro Plaza, even small actions can significantly impact the preservation of our planet.

Centro Comercial Centro Plaza demonstrates its environmental commitment through concrete actions. Reducing paper consumption and implementing an efficient irrigation system are just a few examples of our CSR strategy. We continue working to promote sustainable practices and contribute to the care of our surroundings.