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Last Thursday, January 18, CC Centro Plaza achieved a significant milestone by receiving prominent recognition from the COPADE Foundation at CaixaForum Madrid. This acknowledgement highlights the Center’s hard work and dedication as an SME in developing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies and its positive impact on the social economy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In an ongoing effort to strengthen its commitment to sustainability, Centro Plaza is currently immersed in the Social Footprint certification process. Furthermore, it is shaping its first Non-Financial Report within the framework of the “SMEs and SDGs” project, an initiative promoted by the COPADE Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Social Rights, Consumption, and Agenda 2030.

This event, commemorating the 25 years of the COPADE Foundation, underscores the importance of responsible business practices and Centro’s significant contribution to sustainable development. The Social Footprint certification and the elaboration of the Non-Financial Report reflect Centro Plaza’s firm commitment to good governance, sustainability, development, and transparency. These actions not only benefit the Center itself but also have a positive impact on its stakeholders and the surrounding environment.

Mr Carlos García Perujo, Manager of Centro Plaza, had the honour of receiving this well-deserved recognition, paving the way for other SMEs seeking to integrate sustainable practices into their daily operations.

Social Footprint and Non-Financial Report?

The Social Footprint assesses an organisation’s positive or negative impact on social aspects. The Non-Financial Report documents actions and results related to the company’s social responsibility, sustainability, and other non-economic aspects, providing transparency about its performance beyond financial metrics.