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Centro Plaza Shopping Center, in collaboration with the Provincial Forum of Socially Responsible Companies of Málaga, to which it belongs, and other collaborating entities, organised the third edition of the workshop on Elaboration and Implementation of an Ethical Code. The center’s manager, Carlos García Perujo, delivered part of the program. The workshop took place online from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.
Like previous editions, the workshop’s main objective was to provide the necessary knowledge for developing an Ethical Code in organisations, regardless of their size and sector. The specific goals were as follows:

Acquire the necessary knowledge to develop an Ethical Code in the company. Have an Ethical Code that reflects the values and ethical principles of the organisation. The workshop was structured as follows:

  • Ethics and Management: Appearance or Conviction? In this part of the program, the importance of ethics in business management was addressed, emphasising the need for ethical values to be a genuine conviction rather than just an appearance.
  • The Starting Point: In this section, the following activities were carried out:
    • Identification of stakeholders: The importance of identifying and understanding relevant stakeholders for the company was explained to establish effective dialogue and relationships with them.
    • Identification of relevant issues and risks: Tools and methodologies were provided to identify ethical problems and associated risks that should be addressed in the organisation’s Ethical Code.
  • Development and Implementation: This section of the workshop addressed the stages of development and implementation of the Ethical Code. Guidelines and best practices were provided to develop a clear, understandable, and applicable document, and the necessary steps for its effective implementation in the organisation were explained.
  • Experiences in implementing the Ethical Code in Companies of the RSE Málaga Forum: In this final part of the workshop, concrete experiences from companies belonging to the Forum of Socially Responsible Companies of Málaga that have successfully implemented an Ethical Code in their organisations were presented. These experiences served as inspiration and examples for the participants.

The manager of Centro Plaza Shopping Center, Mr Carlos García Perujo, was responsible for delivering the part of the program related to the starting point. Through his experience and knowledge, he provided insights into the importance of identifying stakeholders and relevant issues for developing the Ethical Code.