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This Saturday night, the streets will be filled with pumpkins, children, games and fear. The famous Halloween Night comes around again for another year, and people enjoy X a celebration that in our country is relatively “new”.

Children and adults dress up as scary characters and colleges, nightclubs and bars are filled with Halloween decorations. Some spanish people consider it a special party, but others, more skeptical, believe it is a commercial ploy.

But it seems  that Halloween has come to Spain to stay forever. The already known to all ‘trick or treating’ we’ve seen in American movies is now a habit in our country on OCTOBER 31, and this terrifying night is famous throughout the country. But … Do you know  the real origin of this celebration? Halloween has its true origin in the Celtic culture of a festival known as Samhain (end of summer).

The origin of Halloween

Celts celebrated this day at the end of summer crops and to welcome their new Celtic year. Then, the party went to the Irish, who expanded it to North America. It was in 1921 when the Americans began celebrating massively Halloween night in Minnesota.

The word ‘Halloween’ has its origin in the ancient Scottish, as derived from the phrase ‘All Hallows’ Even’. From the 20s to today, this celebration has changed in some respects and has been modified, but not its essence, the essence of Halloween is to convert the day of the dead into the day of the living.

In our country, it has become tradition that children go to other houses to ask for sweets. If you give them a sweet, money or reward, it is interpreted as having accepted the deal. If the opposite happens, children play a track… Trick or treat?