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Today, we want to share with you this article that we have made for the Provincial Forum of Socially Responsible Companies, to which CC Centro Plaza belongs, hoping that it will be to your liking:

It has always been said that if the customer is treated well, he will return. This results in a limited vision of business success. Technological progress and access to information, among other factors, have meant that a company’s success lies in looking after the interests of its stakeholders and its own.

A company must be part of its environment and ensure its development through cooperation and good work to obtain its respect, its trust, and business success. In this regard, many companies get lost in the search for solutions and tools for developing their CSR strategies and, from experience, believe us that the starting point is much simpler than it seems. Begin by assuming the firm intention of doing things well, using simple processes, being transparent and equitable, promoting the principle of reciprocity, betting on people, and focusing on improvement. With all this, you will receive positive inputs from your environment that will transcend the satisfaction of your customers, and it will be, at that moment, when you will discover that you have found what will be the cornerstone of your CSR strategies, business ethics.