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javier banus centro plaza

This year marks the 26th anniversary of Centro Plaza, which opened in 1990.  Then it became a pioneer place for the new leisure and consumption model that assumed these shopping centers in Spain and the world.

A leisure and business center with 16,000 square meters, 70 local offices and 24 companies from different sectors arrived in Marbella.  One of the most important people in the history of the city and Centro Plaza was the architect Javier Banus.

Descended from a series of builders, Javier set out to modernize the style of his uncle Jose Banus and was asked to design the project of the mall. “A square on the sea” combining the simplicity of the Mediterranean with architectural contributions of the time, is what the author said he wanted to create with Centro Plaza, and its design has continued over time despite new fashions.

Javier Banus wanted to create “A square on the sea”

The concept was very different from what was a typically mall at that time, created a focused on an infinite and radiant outside giving life to a global space center. His project passed later to Jaime de Mora y Aragon, who embodied the spirit of Marbella nineties. Centro Plaza has not needed to change its size in these 26 years, but obviously it does have changed some details of distribution for the center to work best.

The recognition of the great Jose Banus is not only for Centro Plaza as the architect is the author of other major projects such as the winery Carabal in Caceres, Gym-Spa Mirasierra, Mercado Las Tablas, Hotel Mirasierra Suites or expansion of Puerto Banus. Javier has extensive experience in the development of all types of architectural projects, building, urban planning and interior design. It has developed many projects in collaboration with other professionals, architects and engineers, giving him extensive experience also developed in team work.