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In the very first publication of Centro Plaza, on is first anniversary, we had the pleasure of an interview with Jim Broberg who, at that time, was the Delegate for the WASA Group of companies which is still located in Centro Plaza today. On that occasion Jim Broberg´s comment on Centro Plaza was as follows:

“In a place like Marbella the light is a fundamental element – Broberg continued – a physical space, like our offices, looking out towards the exterior, makes the working hours seem much more enjoyable. The Centre is also easy to find. You cant miss Centro Plaza. The Centre is totally in accord with our idea of service and top quality. From here we can build the California that all of Europe is waiting for.”

Today, after 25 years, Jim Broberg still continues his business in Centro Plaza, a fact that makes us proud and we wanted to count on him to give us his testimony after 25 years.

In which year did you join Centro Plaza?

I do not really remember, only that I was among the very first ones, maybe even the first. If this is the 25th anniversary it must have been 1990!

Why did you choose Centro Plaza?

It was the first modern Commercial Center in the area! Its location was very good, easy to find close to landmarks like Puerto Banus and Plaza de Toros, the parking was sufficient and views from the offices were nice. So we saw the potential of being well positioned in all ways.

Derived from your experience, do you think Centro Plaza has evolved in line with the municipality of Marbella? Why?

I think it started off in a slightly old fashioned way by selling all premises individually thus making it very static. One good thing with the crisis was that some investors bought up bankrupt and closed businesses and put them into a rental scheme. This made Centro Plaza more flexible; it would have been even better if all of the premises were for rental, managed by one single organization. Then the Center could choose the commercial mix and make it optimal for the visitors as a one-stop place.

Is this in line with Marbella’s evolution? Maybe, Marbella has always been relatively good in handling a crisis and come out stronger!

What are the advantages that stand out for having developed and / or develop your activity in Centro Plaza?

It can be described in three words: location, location & location.

In two sentences, describe your experience in Centro Plaza:

Twenty-five years is a long time, it’s even hard to remember where and how I worked before.

Yet it feels like I came yesterday and every day brings something new!