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Jesper Hertz, Chief Representative at Nordea, Private Bank for private clients interested in investing globally, nothing beats a confidential discussion with an experienced profesional.

Your mission is simply to create new possibilities for your clients, with the aim of helping them achieve their aspirations.

From Centro Plaza, to commemorate its 25th anniversary, we wanted to hear from Jesper Hertz concerning his experiences:

 ¿Year in which he joined Centro Plaza?


Why did you choose Centro Plaza?

Perfect location !

Derived from their experience, do you think Centro Plaza has evolved in line with the municipality of Marbella? Why?

Yes, I believe that Centro Plaza have made development in line with the Municipality of Marbella, maybe the reason for the popularity of Nueva Andalucia.

What are the advantages that stand out for hng developed and / or develop their activity in Centro Plaza?

The advantage is that we are closed to our clients by having our office in Centro Plaza.

In two sentences, describe your experience in Centro Plaza:

To be situated in Centro Plaza has been a perfect location for Nordea, as Centro Plaza is the not only the gateway Nueva Andalucía, but the meeting point from Marbella to San Pedro.