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Javier Orizaola is one of the people who have been in Centro Plaza since it was inaugurated in 1989.  At present he is a part of the firm of lawyers Orizaola – Espiga Abogados, but he started out in Andalucia Devleopment as one of the directors and its lawyer. Javier says that in those days, Centro Plaza had a great profesional visión and an unbeatable physical environment,. It also had Access to the kind of  services which an isolated business could never attain to… .. he describes it as a “privileged situation”.

From Centro Plaza, on its 25th birthday, we wanted to take a momento to hear Javier Orizaola`s present day impressions:

Why did you choose Centro Plaza to develop your business activities?

Because of its  location, services, design, communications and because from the beginning it was an authentic business centre, with Banks, real estate offices, insurance comopanies, travel agencies etc, everything necessary in order to develop a first class profesional /corporate activity.

From your own experience, do you believe that Centro Plaza has evolved in accordance with the town of Marbella?

Centro Plaza has not only evolved with the town but at certain times when everyone was affected by the crisis, it was one of the few Commercial Centres that still maintained its volumen of business and transit of visitors.

What advantages would you say stand out as regards the development of your activities in Centro Plaza?

The most important advantage is that we are located in a very emplematic area of Marbella, which everyone knows and where everyone goes.

In a couple of sentences, describe your experience in Centro Plaza:

In the last 25 years I have spent more time in Centro Plaza than in my own home. Here I have developed a successful business career and every morning I congratulated myself on coming to work in a place such as this.