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happy fathers day

Father´s Day is on 19th March and what better than doing something special, something different for him…… at Centro Plaza we will help you to celebrate this day in the most memorable way.

Father´s Day is a festive day for the whole family, time to enjoy a family meal, a dinner, to do different activities together and to give dads some symbolic present as thanks for all they do for us.

It is celebrated in many countries, although on different dates, in Spain it is on 19th March, in honour of Saint Joseph, the same as in Portugal or Italy amongst others. It originated in the USA, when a child called Smart Dodd, during a speech in honour of Mothers Day, decided to fight to introduce a Fathers Day, in which to show gratitutde to her father, a north american civil war veteran who, after the death of his wife, cared for and educated his six children without outside help.

This idea began to have many followers over the years, until in 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation in which it stated that the third sunday of June would be known as Father´s Day in the USA. And rapidly this custom extended throughout Latin America, Asia and Europe.

In Centro Plaza you will find all you need to have a wonderful day, look at our directory and you will find multiple options, shops, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, sports centres…

We make it easy for you to surprise him!