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st patricks day

On the 17th March we will be celebrating St Patricks Day which is becoming more and more popular each year. It commemorates the death of Ireland´s patron saint and the arrival of christianity to that country.

Originally it was only celebrated in Ireland as a religious festival, however as the years went by St. Patricks Day has become a popular celebration all over the world which highlights the essence and traditions of Ireland.

Bars, pubs and restaurants, above all irish ones, are painted green. This color symbolises the arrival of spring to them, the season which arrives a few days later and they take advantage to welcome it.

On St Patricks Day it is traditional to wear green, with big hats and t shirts with a three leaf clover, as it is the symbol of this festival, of the irish church and also represents the Holy Trinity: one leaf is the Father, the second leaf the Son and the third the Holy Spirit.

Its a day full of fun, excitement and positivity, and is said to bring in good luck.

As usual, in Centro Plaza we will be doing our best to ensure that you have an unforgettable St Patricks day. Come and celebrate with us and enjoy all the different leisure activities in our centre, where we have the WILSON IRISH BAR & GRILL and where, without doubt, you will be able to enjoy the true spirit of the irish traditions, as well as in the rest of the pubs, restaurants, shops and áreas where you can have a great day.