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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Centro Plaza!

By 4 de February de 2016April 14th, 2021No Comments
Valentine's Day in Marbella
Valentine’s Day in Marbella

February 14 is very close, a very special day for millions of people around the world who show their love towards their couple celebrating Valentine’s Day, either by gifts, sharing a romantic dinner or a romantic getaway.

But … Who was Valentine ?, why we celebrate Valentine’s Day today?

Valentine history goes back many centuries and is involved in a very particular legend and something strange. Nowadays, the Catholic Church calls into question its existence, and since 1969 does not celebrate this day.

In the third century, while Christianity was spreading throughout the Roman Empire, this tradition appeared. Valentine of Rome was a priest who helped the prisoners Christians to practice this faith, and according to legend, was also engaged to marry couples in secret. Finally, authorities discovered Valentin, so was martyred and beheaded.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Centro Plaza!

At the end of the V century, the Catholic Church includes the legends of Valentine and lodges a commemoration on February 14, although the institution has always had doubts about the veracity of this story.

In the nineteenth century, in Anglo-Saxon countries began to make a tradition fact sent messages of love and postcards on Valentine’s Day, and soon after were added gifts: roses, chocolates, jewelry …

In the 20th century this tradition eventually settle in society. Trade and advertising promoted the famous Valentine’s Day and took the legend to turn on February 14 on a day when sales increase considerably.

Nowadays, many Spanish couples are made very special gifts, share romantic dinners or romantic getaways, so Valentine’s Day is a very special event.

Centro Plaza invites you to spend this special day with us. As you know, our center is far from ordinary shopping centers and stands out as a cozy and quiet place, perfect to enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your couple.

Buying gifts in our stores and boutiques, enjoying a romantic dinner in our wonderful restaurants, booking a romantic getaway… Show your love with Centro Plaza!