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tips to face the january belt tightening

The new year 2016 began. After Christmas holidays, which usually involve extra expense every year, it’s time to face the feared and famous January belt-tightening.

In January, prices tend to rise, so purchases begin to be more expensive, the bills price also rises, public transports often also increase their costs… For all this, Centro Plaza give you some tips in order to face successfully the January belt-tightening.

10 tips to overcome the  January belt-tightening

  • To plan. One of the most important things to do is to plan household finances. We must be aware of the costs that we can have, not exceeding calculate income and see what the purchasing power and savings.
  • Prioritize. It is advisable to make a list of variable expenses and sort by priority. It is preferable to allow those who are not so important for later and think about them when the domestic economy is restored.
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses. You should discuss family finances to see if there are expenses of which we can easily do without. Limit such spending is essential to achieve a balance in the budget.
  • Responsible consumption. We usually have fixed costs that can not be removed as they are intended for basic needs such as electricity, gas or electricity. But you can do something: to reduce them. What? As a responsible consumption, using energy saving bulbs, turning off appliances that do not consume, closing windows with the heating or air conditioning running or turning off lights.
  • Pay cash. It seems a joke, but it is recommended to pay cash instead of using credit card. Why? To control our costs and not make the mistake of buying things we should not allow.
  • Sales control. January sales can be dangerous. We must be careful and not let ourselves be carried away by the consumer fever. Ideally, think well before you buy to not buy things that you really do not entail a saving and necessary.
  • Do not buy “hook” or “bargain” products. This type of complaint products can lead us to a completely unnecessary expense, so it is better not to be dazzled.
  • Buy wisely. The slope of January is famous for rising prices in many sectors. We must plan before making the purchase and on budget. Costly and unnecessary whims must be avoided.
  • Compare prices. Internet is a great tool to compare prices and choose the best option before making a purchase. The advertising brochures of different shops are also a good option to compare prices. We must be informed before you go shopping.
  • Involve family. Family finances is up to all its members. We must teach and educate children in these guidelines to provide responsible financial education.