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dia de andalucia

The great day has arrived for all Andalusians, both native and adopted. Tomorrow 28th February we commemorate the referéndum about Andalusia becoming autonomous in 1980, which gave the Andalusian community full autonomy.

That day, the Andalusians, after great effort, were able to obtain the same rights as other áreas of Spain, and they were also able to obtain something very important with this action, which was to open a door for other spanish regions to form a new structure for the nation and earn the right to be an autonomous community.

Andalusian Day is a day for celebration, and as such, is the perfect excuse to go out into the streets and enjoy the climate, the people and the delicious food of this land. In schools it is a special day when the children learn the story through different activities and play and the windows, buildings and patios are full of green and white flags.

In Centro Plaza, as on all celebratory days, we intend it to be an unforgettable party. Come and discover all the things you can do: walk around our market, with a huge variety of stalls where you will find everything you are looking for, have an apperitif, lunch, enjoy the views from our lookout área…. A perfect day under the sun which is so characterist of our coast.

It is a weekend marked by traditional andalusian parties, but more and more this land embraces people of different countries, attracted by the climate, the people and the easy living environment, which makes this celebration even richer with the mixture of different cultures.

Andalusian Day is an historic day in as much as many of our visitors take advantage to learn about the idiosyncracies of andalusia , and without doubt we will offer the best we can to guarantee that its a day to remember.

Congratulations Andalusia!!