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cit marbella y centro plaza

As usual on its 25th anniversary, Centro Plaza is going a step further and has decided to become part of the Association for Profesional and Business People in Marbella.

CIT Marbella, as it is known, was formed in 1989, the intiative of a group of hoteliers in the town, who understood the need to unite in order to represent common interests.

It is made up of business  and profesional men and women who work hard to, in principle,  highlight the importance of tourism in Marbella  and encourage it in the community through the study of what is needed, the promotion of installations, overseeing favorable intiatives, taking care of the environment and above all looking out for the general interests of its members.

Centro Plaza is now another member of CIT Marbella, as from the beginning it has been a reference point for tourism as much  for the diversity of its leisure activities as for its business world due to the importance of the busineses housed in its installations.