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Pablo Ráez

Pablo Ráez story has moved and sensitized  thousands of people all around Spain, and even beyond the borders of this country. This young men from Marbella is fighting for the second time against leukemia, and away from collapse and express the logical fear would anyone, he tells his experience  through social networks to try to raise awareness of the need to become bone marrow donor to save lives.

“On March 26, 2015 I was diagnosed with leukemia, I had chemotherapy, I transplanted the bone and all that it entails. I’ve been a very tough year, really hard, no one can imagine what I went through, so no one can imagine what I feel now knowing that there is a 4% of leukemia in my bone marrow”, Pablo said.

This young athlete is a tireless, positive and optimistic gladiator despite being going through a very tough time for him and for his family and people closest: “I am waiting to have a compatible donor, so I appealed to people to donor did. not to make you giving me’ll help me (or themselves) but will collaborate with society and it costs you nothing, learn how to do it if you really are interested “. And it is that the most important of his words is the desire to get help others. Try every day to help achieve a better society, and its call is already having results.

Bone marrow donors in the province of Malaga have increased significantly after the campaign of Pablo Ráez done to raise awareness of the importance of donating bone. In Andalusia last month were 2,075 new donors and in 2016, the figure is 8,196. This is “almost twice what was expected for the whole year, 183 percent,” explains the coordinator of the Andalusian Plan, Sergio Fernandez.

From Centro Plaza we send all our strength and our courage to Pablo and his entire family and close people. Always strong, Paul!