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Centro Plaza Shopping Center is very proud of its fashion stores, boutiques and homewere shops. For this reason we will endeavour  to answer the following question: what will the spring-summer 2017 fashion trends be?

We present the top ten spring-summer 2017 fashion trends:

  • The women’s shirts will have great importance in all their forms.
  • Raincoats  and windbreakers  made from colourful fabrics  are a “must have” item for ours wardrobes.
  • The colored leggings and transparent skirts.
  • While earth tones continue to be a classic choice the introduction  of  “pink” and ” bright yellow” will be very popular.
  • All an impossible, but it’s “cool” now, combination of the “pyjamas” trends and the long kimonos. Do you dare?
  • Coveralls and dungarees accessorized with belts and high heels, and rolled up sleeves. Totally cool!
  • The “wallpaper” print is making and comeback but more floral than ever. In addition,we believe  that polka dots and colourful stripes will be evident.
  • Fringes  on clothing  will continue to add flow and movement to many garments.  
  • It will return to the 1980`s with accentuated shoulders on jackets. Perhaps you could recycle something from a previous season?
  • Finally, the “in” fabric this season will be “Lúrex” –  Aluminum thread moved into the fabric to give it depth and a bit of sparkle.

We hope that these trends we have highlighted will inspire you to get the most out of these spring-summer 2017 fashion trends. If you want to see an advance of the season, we recommend you visit our fashion  shops and boutiques.

By the way, we haven’t forgotten the spring-summer 2017 trends for the home. These will be discussed in our next post.

Looking forward to your next visit to Centro Plaza!