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Centro Plaza was honoured to participate in a talk alongside the Provincial Forum for Social Responsibility of Málaga, directed to San José Secondary School students in Málaga. During this enriching experience, the Center’s Manager, Mr Carlos García Perujo, had the opportunity to share his expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It was a true pleasure and pride to share our knowledge and perspectives on CSR with the students.

The talk emphasised the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge in social responsibility. It was highlighted that the most valuable aspect is not what we leave in others but what we take away when interacting and learning from others. The value of pure reciprocity was promoted, where we can all mutually benefit by sharing and collaborating.

Centro Plaza, together with the Forum for Socially Responsible Companies of Málaga, takes pride in having the opportunity to participate in this inspiring talk. CSR is a fundamental commitment, and sharing our experience with the students was a great satisfaction.

We thank San José Institute Secondary School in Málaga for allowing us to share our experience with their students. We are confident that together we can positively impact our society and promote the importance of social responsibility in the business sphere.