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Centro Comercial Centro Plaza, in collaboration with the Provincial Forum of Socially Responsible Companies of Málaga to which it belongs, organised an informative talk at the University of Málaga aimed at students of the Faculty of Commerce and Management. The main objective of this talk was to educate and raise awareness among students about the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), explaining its components and highlighting the good practices developed by the shopping center itself.

The informative talk took place at the facilities of the University of Málaga and had the active participation of the Center Manager, Mr Carlos García Perujo. During the presentation, the following aspects related to Corporate Social Responsibility were addressed:

  • Concept of CSR: The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility was thoroughly explained, emphasising the ethical and transparent management of companies, considering the impact of their activities on society, the environment, and their stakeholders. Components of CSR: The different components of CSR were detailed, including:
    • Economic responsibility: The importance of generating sustainable and ethical economic benefits was highlighted.
    • Social responsibility: The need to contribute to the community’s well-being and promote social development was emphasised.
    • Environmental responsibility: The importance of adopting environmentally friendly business practices and promoting sustainability was explained.
    • Responsibility towards employees: The relevance of promoting a fair, safe work environment that fosters the development and well-being of employees was highlighted.
  • Good practices developed by Centro Comercial Centro Plaza: During the talk, specific examples of the good practices implemented by Centro Comercial Centro Plaza in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility were presented.