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“#Istayathome, but exercising”, this would be one of the slogans that we take from this situation of confinement. For this reason we propose a series of exercises so that you do’t stop moving.

3, 2, 1 …. ¡Let’s go!

1 A warming properly before exercising

It is vitally important that we do a good warm-up before starting to train.

2 Cardio exercises

We are going to recharge ourselves with a good cardio exercise, 10 minutes will be enough.

3 Chest, arm and shoulder exercises

Although we are at home, we will always find something that we can use as weight.

4 Buttocks and legs exercises

We go with the lower muscles. Always at your own pace!

5 Abdominals!

We know that this part is hard, but after the last abdominal, you will notice a total well-being. Come on!

6 Stretching exercises

A good start, needs a good end. Less is left!

Once you can leave home, at CC Centro Plaza, you have one of the best gym of Marbella: M13 Gym   Come on!