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The 2nd edition of the workshop on Elaboration and Implementation of an Ethical Code, organised by Centro Plaza in collaboration with the Provincial Forum of Socially Responsible Companies of Málaga and other entities, was an event of great relevance for organisations seeking to promote ethics and values in their business management.

The workshop’s main objective was to provide participants with the necessary knowledge to develop an Ethical Code in their respective companies, regardless of their size or sector. The event took place online on November 18th, from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m., allowing for the participation of many interested individuals.
One of the workshop’s highlights was the participation of Carlos García Perujo, the Manager of Centro Plaza, who shared his experience and knowledge about the starting point in developing an Ethical Code. Through his insights, attendees understood the importance of identifying relevant stakeholders and the ethical issues pertinent to their organisation.

The workshop program was divided into several sections. Firstly, the importance of ethics in business management was addressed, highlighting the need for ethical values to be a genuine conviction and not just a superficial appearance.

Subsequently, practical activities, such as identifying relevant stakeholders and determining the ethical issues and risks to be addressed in the organisation’s Ethical Code, were carried out. Tools and methodologies were provided to facilitate the development process.

The workshop also focused on the stages of Ethical Code development and implementation, providing guidelines and best practices to create a clear, understandable, and applicable document. Furthermore, the successful experiences of companies belonging to the Forum of Socially Responsible Companies of Málaga, which had successfully implemented an Ethical Code in their organisations, were presented.