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centro plaza rebajas

Summer sales arrive to Centro Plaza! From July 1 to August it is time to renew your wardrobe with clothes and accesories at the best price. Moreover, our center is special and you can spend a very special day shopping in Marbella in a different way. Brunch, lunch or dinner in our great restaurants while you decid or organize your shopping is something that our customers have in your hand here.

This month we should buy all kinds of products and get the best price on clothes and accessories. Ideally, well organized, separating what is necessary and possible whims, in order to avoid buying too much.

Summer sales are a perfect way to complete our wardrobe for the warmer months of the year. In these times it is usually bet on some clothes or accessories with star prints summer: floral…

Centro Plaza, your shopping center in Marbella

Accessories most buyed at summer sales are  comfortable shoes and flat sandals with straps, jewel or Roman style, or sneakers, which are very fashionable too nowadays. 

Among women are very fashionable long shirts, usually thighs and narrow waist, so these cuts are a good opportunity to get some. Men can take this month to buy shorts and summer shirts or poles, in order to combat high temperatures.

If you need to buy any basic to your wardrobe, clothes for any special event you have to go, a gift for the coming months or something for home, visit Centro Plaza at summer sales and you will not regret.