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mirador nueva andalucia

On Thursday it was celebrated the opening of the new Nueva Andalucía Lookout Point at Centro Plaza shopping centre, a new tourism point of interest that from now will further develop the Nueva Andalucía area. In collaboration with the city ́s Tourism Delegate, the shopping centre will now have this new site included in maps, flyers and the tourism website. The platform will be equipped with benches, information stands as well as the option to have an information guide in either Spanish or English for all visitors who wish to experience a great view of the city.

Carlos García, the Centro Plaza manager explained, “The Nueva Andalucía Lookout Point hopes to be a new attraction for tourists that will create new memories in Marbella against the backdrop of la Concha and Marbella Bay.” García also said a few words about future plans for the complex, “Centro Plaza still has a lot to bring to the table, hence why we have already begun to organise the 2nd charity run for Centro Plaza.

Nueva Andalucía Lookout Point is already a reality

Not only this, but we also have initiated new projects to make Marbella an exemplary benchmark for a collection of efficient, determined and wishful thinking operatives for the likes of commerce, business, tourism and new technologies.” The Centro Plaza representative did not want his promise to the city to be forgotten, “we want to be proactive in ensuring that Marbella remains a 5 star destination, hence our efforts to continuously adapt and improve Centro Plaza as a whole entity.”

Support for the opening presentation was seen by Óscar Fernández, the manager of Centro Plaza, Miguel Luna, head of Tourism in Marbella Council, and Manuel García, the delegate for the Deputy Mayor of Nueva Andalucía. Manuel Morales the commerce councillor for SME ́s, the Senator Ángeles Muñoz and Deputy Francisca Caracuel, have all thanked Centro Plaza for this initiative. García in particular praised the resourceful and stable job prospects as a result of a “public and private collaboration”. Muñoz, owner of one of the companies in the shopping centre, referred to the business plans and localisation of the establishment as “an ever improving entity for services and facilities”.