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The San Pedro Alcántara Fair takes place every October. This fair takes place this year from 16 – 22 October, 2017. There are lots of celebrations and events taking place throughout San Pedro Alcántara for the fair. 

Feria San Pedro Alcantara 2017 - Centro Plaza

This is its programme: 

Monday 16 October

07:00 p.m.: “Giants and big-headeds” parade.

09:30 p.m.: Fireworks at Salida Beach.

10.00 p.m.: Inauguration of the fairground.

Tuesday 17 October

01.30 p.m.:  Inauguration of the Arch of Entrance of the enclosure of the Day Fair.

05.00 p.m.:  Great Children’s Party in the “Caseta Municipal”.

07.00 p.m.:  Children’s show “La Pandilla Wiwi”.

06.00 p.m.:  Children’s Day, with popular prices on the attractions.

Wednesday 18 October

01.30 p.m.:  Opening of the different “Casetas”.

07.00 p.m.: Night of Local Artists in the “Caseta Municipal”: “Pepe Chapman y Los Malaje”, “Neón”, 29seis70” and “Devils in the Sky”. Free entrance.

Thursday 19 October

09.00 a.m.: Eucharist in the Parish of San Pedro de Alcántara.

11.00 a.m.: Solemn Mass in the Parish in honor of San Pedro de Alcántara.

12.30 p.m.: Procession of San Pedro de Alcántara.

01.00 p.m.: Opening of the different “Casetas”.

11.30 p.m.: Concert in theCaseta Municipal” of  “MARIO DIAZ”. Free entrance.

Friday 20 October

05.00 p.m.: Fair parade. 

11.30 p.m.: Concert in the “Caseta Municipal” of  “DANZA INVISIBLE”. Free entrance.

Saturday 21 October

01.00 p.m.: Opening of the different “Casetas”.

11.30 p.m.: Concert in the “Caseta Municipal” of  “DAVID BUSTAMANTE”. Free entrance.

Sunday 22 October

01.00 p.m.: Opening of the different “Casetas”.

You already know the program of the San Pedro Alcántara Fair. We hope that you will enjoy it. Happy fair!