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como hacer la maleta perfecta

Centro Plaza Marbella would like to be your ally for preparing your holidays. If you have doubts as to how to pack the perfect suitcase, we can offer the following six small recommendations:

  1. Adapt the contents of the suitcase to the type of holiday you have chosen: seaside, mountain, etc. and the number of days that you are going to be there. Avoid overloading your case with unnecessary things.
  2. Always put the basics in first. For example: White and blue t-shirts, shorts or cropped trousers to wear with them, jeans and for the evenings, clothes that you can wear with sandals. We are going on holiday and therefore need to feel comfortable. Don’t forget a good pair of sunglasses to give you that chic look that we all like to have and a jumper in case of a cooler evening. If you are a woman, bracelets and necklaces in ethnic style go perfectly and you can wear them with everything.
  3. A good pair of shoes for each occasion. Sports shoes for when you walk around the city, flat sandals for informal wear and heels for those party nights.
  4. Better to be safe than sorry. Don’t forget your washbag and as well as all your toiletries don’t forget the headache pills, plasters etc. However don’t go overboard you don’t need a complete hospital kit in your suitcase!
  5. Be prudent. For this we would advice making a list of things that you need to take on holiday so that you know exactly what you have.
  6. Don’t take anything which is to do with “work”. Relax and enjoy yourself.

IMPORTANT: Remember, if you forget anything, it can be a great excuse to go shopping and if your destination is the Costa del Sol don’t forget to visit us. We promise you a wonderful experience!