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One more year, Centro Plaza surprises with a new solidarity project, this time with a fashion show together with the Miss World Málaga Delegation. The event will take place on July 29 th at 10’00 p.m., in CC Centro Plaza (Av. Manolete nº1, Nueva Andalucía – Marbella), and aims to raise funds for the “Everyone with Adán” project, a three year old boy with Ethylmalonic Encepahlopathy, the only case in Spain with this rare disease.

The presentation took place this morning with the presence of Cristóbal Garre (Councilor of Promotions and PYMES in Marbella), Blanca Aguilera (Miss World Málaga), Sara Gómez (Adán’s mother), and Carlos García Perujo (Manager of CC Centro Plaza). During the event, García Perujo pointed out the importance of these private initiatives in favour of “Rare” diseases that need financial support for their investigation.

“It is of vital importance for Centro Plaza to be an active parte of the environment, both in stimulation and development, but it is also of great importance to provide social measures, as we have been doing during the last few years, by contributing in a small way, towards battles such as Adán’s, this young great hero, and his family. In CC Centro Plaza, we will undoubtedly continue working on developing strategies backed up by corporate social responsability, encouraging values such as committment, collaboration, sustainability, respect and ethics, stated García Perujo.

The funds will be raised by sale of tickets for the event, Row Zero (for those who wish to collaborate but are unable to attend) and auction of clothing donated by the participating designers, including Pepe Canela, Esteban Freiría, Andrea Venturoli, Gunnel’s Fashion, Magali Villanueva and Klavels.

The donation is 10 Euros and all the funds will go towards investigation of Adán’s disease and to cover his medical needs. Tickets are available for sale both by bank transfer and/or in Centro Plaza, Urbemar and Gunnels Fashion in Marbella, and Claro de Luna in Estepona. They will also be on sale, in the event that
there are tickets left, on the day of the event at the sale point assigned in the shopping centre, up
to one hour and a half before the fashion show.

“Everyone with Adán” is a great solidarity project initiated and presented in the 2020 edition of Miss World Spain, by the current Miss World Málaga, Blanca Aguilera, as her social project during the year of her reign. The fashion show, with an 85 metre long catwalk, is sponsered by CC Centro Plaza and Guerrero Car, with the collaboration of Antonio Eloy Escuela, Oasis Producciones, Miguel TT Asesor de Imagen, Citroën Marbella, Marie-Noelle Comunicación and Marbella Town Hall.

The hall, with a capacity for 200 people, will comply with all the health regulations, with seats assigned for all attendees; distance and masks are essential requirments. The end of the event holds surprises as there will be a raffle with very varied prizes, from lunches/dinners for two people, discount vouchers, etc., thanks to the business establishments in CC Centro Plaza.