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Centro Plaza, in collaboration with the Town Hall of Marbella and other public and private entities will be organizing a solidarity race on 13th December.


  • Name: 1st Public Solidarity Race Centro Plaza.
  • Organizer: Centro Plaza.
  • Date: Sunday 13 December 2015.
  • Place: Nueva Andalucía, Marbella.
  • Point of Departure: Avenida José Banús, Marbella, Málaga.
  • Expected Timetable: from 10:00h. to 14:00h.
  • Nº of Participants: 500 in total.
  • Modality: Athletics (Race).
  • Distances: 400m, 800m, 1600m y 8 Km.
  • Contact for further information:

Funds raised will go to CRUZ ROJA ESPAÑOLA.




The race will pass through the streets of Nueva Andalucía – Puerto Banús  and will encompass downward and upward slopes and flat areas.

There will be four distances to cover, depending on the different categories of the participants, these being 400m, 800m and 1600m for the lower categories and 8 km for higher categories.

10:00 JUVENILE, JUNIOR, SENIOR, VETERANS and DISABLED* (Adult) 8000m 6 euros
11:30 PREBENJAMIN-BENJAMIN YOUNGEST KIDS 400m (Half the distance of the “Kids Route”) 3 euros
11:50 ALEVIN – NOVICES AND DISABLED* (Kids) 800m 3 euros
12:15 INFANTIL-CADETETEENAGERS 1600m (Twice round the “Kids Route”) 3 euros

*Disabled: in which those with intellectual, physical or hearing impairment may participate.


General Route: 8 Km.

Salida desde Puerto Banús  → AV. José Banús / Av. Julio Iglesias / C.Ribera / Espigón Puerto Banús/ C.Ribera / Av. Julio Iglesias / Paseo Alberto Vidiella Tudores/ C. del Río (ida)/ C. del Río (vuelta) / Paseo Alberto Vidiella Tudores / Av. Julio Iglesias / AV. José Banús / C. Juan Belmonte / AV. Pilar calvo / AV. Manolete / C. Califa (ida) / C. Califa (vuelta) / AV. Manolete → Llegada a Centro Plaza

Kids Route: 800m.

Route: Av. Manolete.


  • There will be medals awarded for both the first three male and female participants in the lower kids categories.
  • For the upper age groups and Senior and Veteran there will be a trophy for the winner and medals for second and third place for both male and female participants..
  • For the kids disabled there will be medals for first second and third place.
  • For the Adult disabled there will be a trophy for first place and medals for second and third place.


Inscription starts on 20th October up until 4th December. The quota for participation will be 6 euros y 3 euros, according to the chosen category of the participant, monies collected will be given to “Cruz Roja”. Inscription may be done through any of the following:

  • In person: Urbemar offices, management company Centro Plaza: Av. Manolete, 1, C.C. Centro Plaza, Oficina 6. 29660 Nueva Andalucía. Marbella (Málaga). From 13:00h. to 15:00h.
  • In person (race day): The user may register the day of the race from 8:00 am to 9:30 am at AV Jose Banus, Puerto Banus.

Further information:


  • PREBENJAMIN : Kids born in 2009 and later.
  • BENJAMIN : Kids born in 2007 and 2008
  • ALEVIN : Kids born in 2005 and 2006
  • INFANTIL : Kids born in 2003 and 2004.
  • CADETE (KIDS): Born in 2001 and 2002.
  • JUVENIL (KIDS): Born in 1999 and 2000.
  • JUNIOR: Born in 1997 and 1998.
  • PROMESA: Born in 1994-95-96.
  • SENIOR: Born in 1993 and before up to veterans.
  • VETERANS: Born in 1980 and before.
  • VETERANS A (1980 to 1976 – 35 to 39 years); B ( 1975 to 1971 – 40 to 44 years); C ( 1970 to 1966 – 45 to 49 years); D (1965 to 1961 – 50 to 54 years); E ( 1960 and before – 55 years upwards).
    • Disabled (Kids): Encompassing age range the alevines categorie.
    • Disabled (Adult): Encompassing age range from juvenile categorie to  veterans.

The organisers will not be held responsible for any damage material or physical suffered or caused by participants. The organisation will be insured through R.C.


Running numbers can be collected on Friday 11th December 2015 between 12.00 and 15.00h at the offices of Urbemar the administrative company of Centro Plaza: : Av. Manolete, 1, C.C. Centro Plaza, Oficina 6. 29660 Nueva Andalucía. Marbella (Málaga), or on the day of the run  between 08.00h and 09.30h at AV. José Banús, Puerto Banús.

Please return your running numbers individually at the place indicated by the Organisers and at the correct time.

There will be control points along the way. The running numbers are personal and not transferable. The non observation of this rule will mean disqualification.

The Judges and Organisation retain the right to disqualify anyone who does not comply with the rules, anyone who is not wearing a number in a visible place or who exchanges their number with anyone else, anyone who gives false information to the Organisation or to the Arbitrator in regard to their personal identification, anyone who does not finish the race or who is judged as not being  in a fit state of health to compete, anyone who does not supply the correct documentation or who does not comply with any of the rules of FAA, RFEA or IAAF.

Only participants who have officially enrolled will be admitted and those wearing their running numbers. Anyone not complying with these rules will not be permitted access to the run.


The main provisioning point will be installed at the finishing line and there will be another provisioning point half way along the route for water.

The provisioning point at the finishing line will be made up of drinks.


Santitary services and first aid will be situated at the finishing line.


The only vehicles authorized to follow the race will be those designated by the Organisers. For security reasons, it is totally prohibited to follow the runners by motorbike, bicycle, skates or any other type of vehicle.  The Local Police and race Judges will have orders to remove any unauthorized vehicles in order to avoid accidents.


At the end of the races and in the same area of the Finishing Line, a series of activities will be organized for all the family and will carry on until 14.00h:

Máster class de Zumba.

Kids animation.


There will also be a point for collecting toys, giving children the possibility of collaborating if they wish by giving away some of their toys which will later be distributed to needy children by “Cruz Roja”.

¿What type of toys?

  • New toys: All children boys and girls whatever their family situation or surroundings have the right to have a new toy which is guaranteed under the rules and regulations laid down by the European Union. We believe that all boys and girls are equal and as eguals will receive a nice toy which is suitable for their age, irrespective of the monetary value of that toy.
  • No war toys: The Red Cross in accordance with its ideals will not give away any war toys or toy weapons.